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I use to have bad panic attacks before. It all started when they killed sadam husein by hanging. it was all over the news but I went to you tube and saw the video. I was just traumatized about it. Next day I was working and suddently  I felt like I couldnt breath and my heart beatting so fast.
Anyway I ended up ion the emergency room and doctor told me it was a panic attack. I had panic attacks for about two years after that and little by little with the help of panic end I  havent got one for a long time.
But recently I have  been thinking about having a heart attack. I am always taking my pulse and my blood pressure. I always think that any little filling I get in my body is because of my heart.
I am 44 years old. Can someone share his or her experience about the same.

All people wants is someone to listen

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Hi there, don't really have a specific experience to share. All i can really say is that it's all part of it.

I always like to say to myself from the third person, " It's all in your head man".

All you're doing is obsessing and worrying that you will have a heart attack; just the same as any person obsessing over anything.

You should look into ways of changing your thought patterns. It can be done. In fact it's pretty easy. I suggest you read a book called: How To Stop Worrying, And Start Living, By Dale Carnegie. Or do a google search on how to change negative thought patterns.

That's what i did.

I was in a department store, riding the escalator and i tripped. I fell down the stairs for an hour and a half.

~ Demetri Martin

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First of all , I would get a physical specifically for my heart. If you breeze through that, then you are fine.

I had a heart attack a few years ago. It is something , you don't think you are having. You know pretty much within a few minutes, and are calling 911.

So take it from me. Good pulse, good blood pressure means you're ok.

What is your BP generally?


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Thank you Rahnos and JeanneS for your answer. I think both of you are right. My BP is ususally 128/80 to 130/85. I am trying to take it easy and not hink so much about things like that. Jeannes what did you feel when you had the heart attack? i am going to buy the book rahnos recommended.

All people wants is someone to listen

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I've been having panic attacks about my heart as well! I'm only 23 years old, bp is good, normal pulse, but I find myself constantly worrying about having a heart attack! I too have gone to the emergency room for chest pain. And there really is pain in my chest, i don't know why. It just feels really sore all the time and sometimes my sternum cracks or crunches when i stretch?! Then I worry about how I mights give myself a heart attack just because i'm thinking about it so much. Horrible cycle.


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Just 2 days ago my heart skipped and I lost my breath for a quick second. I payed no attention to it. I started doing the dishes and my heart took off even though there was 98% no movement....just my arms moving back and forth rubbing the glasses and 2 dish plates. I mean it took off....not 100 or 110 I mean 160. So panic kicked in immediately. Yes a heart attack thought crossed my mind....But I remember one of my old bosses saying " Boy if you had a heart attack your chest would be crushing pain and trust me you'd be in a world of hurt." I was 21 back then and it stuck with me.
So I took 1.0mg of Xanax and 25mg of Atenolol right away like I am told by the doc. 5 mins after guess what....still freaking out and to be honest I added second fear which released more adrenaline and it took longer for the meds to do their work. I sat down and the breathing was fast and I took deep breaths and when you feel your heart beating and you don't even have to take your pulse....Let's just say it's intense.
Here is the thing and I should actually take my own advice here. Whether you imagine a bad thought like Saddam getting hung or you see someone get killed on the side of the freeway like we do here in California frequently....or your heart takes off on it's own, if you have been checked out and re-checked again like some people have I believe like some have said, "IT"S ALL IN OUR HEADS." We can trigger a fast heartbeat by fearing it. We have that power. I don't wanna die, I don't want a real fast heart beat and there it comes....before you know it the heart takes off and so does the mind.
Can you imagine if there was no fear response when our chests hurt or our hearts went super duper fast? How would our lives be different? If we did not have the ability to fear it what would we do? I wonder if all the crap (symptoms) would vanish on it's own.
Side Note: There is a person I read about the other day that has no feelings. Let me quickly explain. If you took a hammer and broke his fingers he would not scream and go into a state of shock. If you cut him open a bit with a razor blade he would not scream at the top of his lungs and if you took a lighter to his arm/feet and kept the fire there he would not feel it. Imagine that.... That's one gift I actually would love to have. Maybe not now that I think about it.
I've said this before and I want to post it again.
 FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real


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Now I'm not a doctor by any means, but this is my experience. I have had chest pains for a long time when I was in highschool. Sometimes my left arm would even go numb. It scared me so much that I forced my parents to take me to a hospital and they did an EKG and they said everything was fine. Well later on I found out what I had was acid reflux. What it is , your stomach is created too much stomach acid for the amount of food you are consuming therefore the excess floats up and causes heartburn, chest pain, or if it's severe enough it can cause damage to your throat lining. Now as you can see on this website you know that anxiety causes adrenaline to rush through body, which also sets off your digestive system to contract which causes stomach acid to be produce.

Now again this sort of a theory and my experience. A 14 day trial of prilosec will help this for the most part. You won't see immediate results, but after 14 days of taking the pills you will.

Hope this helps.


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I am in the same boat. Its a common concern with panic attackers to have this fear. My doctor keeps telling me the chest pains I get are costachondritis and most of the time when I get the pain in my chest (which can be anywhere) I can stretch and know its muscle related but after the first day the acute pain wears off and leaves a deep aching all over my chest and thats when my mind goes off down the line of worrying about my heart. And no matter how many times it has happened in the past I react in the same way - with fear!! What can I do to reassure myself and convince myself that it is not my heart causing the pain. My pulse is usually good even when I have the pain, I had a range of test done a few years ago when I had this pain and was bad with panic attacks and everything seemed fine then. Will I eventually accept the pain as being there and not fearing it??? I am 35, with 5 young kids and I think the fear of me dying when they are small is at the back of everything. Plus there has been a few cases of sudden death in young adults that were healthy from around my area. That definately started me off on this panic trip initally. I am so fed up of doing well and getting on with things and having a few days of chest pain that totally sets me back.


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OMG ! This is exactly what has happened to me for 8 years now. I feel that im gonna die, blood pressure shoots up to 160 over 100, heart beats fast and i cant breathe. Ive been to the ER about 15 times. Finally i decided to use XANAX every day and it stopped them in a second. After taking it for so many years i stopped and been Xanax free for a month. All of a sudden this week ive been anxious all day and had a bad Panic Attack two days ago. I havent taken Xanx again, just did a breathing excercise and dealt with it for half an hour. I know DRs dont recommend Xanax and what not but to me its the only drug that ever helped me and stopped my attacka. I tried ativan and paxil and felt worst. I hope this just goes away im tired of living this way. Im to the point that if i am gonna have a heart attack, might as well have it so DR can find out what is really wrong with me.

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Well taking the Xanax showed you that your anxiety was the culprit for your heart dysfunction. Some people use beta blockers for racing heart beat. Don't know about them. (Anyone?)

I was told that I had a nervous heart - so I was prone to having skipped beats. I was upset, nervous and worried. Then my aunt informed me that she had them as well for decades and just ignored them. Aunt made it to 91. So I didn't see them as threatening, just inconvenient. They usually were instigated by something I ate - too much carbonated drinks (like beer), too much hot coffee scorching my esophagus causing nervous blips of my heart. Sometimes bloating from greasy food. Ahh...well enough of that description!

The less I worried the easier it was for the skipped beats to run their course. Maybe they reacted to my anxiety maybe to what I ate. I didn't seek out the answer, just accepted.

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