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Does anybody else have this happen where once they "solve" a panic/anxiety issue, other issues pop up in old or new situations?  It's been frustrating for me, it keeps jumping back and forth like anxiety refuses to resolve itself once and for all.  And I swear I've reached a point of acceptance.  Some weeks I'm good, others not and often times I can't tell the difference in my thoughts and behavior.

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Yep. I know that feeling. I think that's par for the course with anxiety.

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I think true acceptance is not analyzing the good and bad. The fact you're on here bemused to the fact that you're not better proves you haven't accepted. I've had this for 6 years and as one fear is solved, a new one pops up. For a while I was worrying about these hot pinprick feelings on my skin. That went away and my mind was off it. Now it's fixated on DP. Accepting that you feel odd, off, jittery, spacey, drained, is how you stop adding stress to stress and cut off the anxiety response. You're telling an sensitized body/mind to focus and assign anxiety to your anxiety response sensations, and the cycle perpetuates. Just allow whatever to crop up and you'll slowly pull the thread.
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I agree.  Don't analyze.  Don't test.  When I have a crazy thought like " I should push my friend Mike down the stairs."  I don't analyze it.  I don't try and figure out what it means and why I thought that.  I don't try and talk myself into accepting it.   I use past tense.   I tell my self that I just accepted (past tense) a thought that I should push Mike down the stairs. Then I simply continue on with whatever I am doing at the time.  

For me, if I just tell myself that I have accepted this already and move on it seems to make things easier. 

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