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hi guys,

I'm new to this site and have read countless books on panic although none really cover what i face. When i get scared/ feel a panic attack coming on i constantly get the urge to use the toilet. I have slowly limited the activities i do in life based solely around the idea of not being able to find a toilet in time.

I am motivated to try face my panic and let it do its worse to me, although i find that when the sensation in my gut becomes too strong i have no option but to flee the scene with my bum clenched. Being only 22 and very socially withdrawn i want to fix this issue so i can go out and live life like i use to.

Can anyone offer any advice?

Thanks in advance!

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Maybe better start a topic on the message board forum. Nobody reads the forum.

What I can say is that you should not try to avoid it, when you feel it coming. I want you to beg it to come and do it's worst and mean it. That's facing. Panic can't kill/ make you crazy/can't do anything but make you uncomfortable.

It's nothing more than being afraid to feel panic, because of the apprehension you have torwards what could happen. The answer is: nothing.

And once you realise that, you won't react anxiously anymore to the feelings of anxiety. The loop breaks and you're free.

Then forget about it, because you only got too stressed at one point, triggered panic, mistakingly thought you would die (which obviously none of us did), got traumatised. Omgz panic can kill me. And there you are, feeling stress/panic is harmful, which it isn't. And now you're in high alert, looking inside your body and always watching out for a threat. But there is none. Give up and live your life.
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