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I am dealing with a difficult time in my life
N the health ministry in my country stopped Xanax
The only drug that I am living with
I got severe anxiety attacks that happen out of blue
I tried herbs I stopped takin antidepressants cuz they harm me more than good
I really want a suggestion a advice anything from ppl who like me suffers days n nights
The replacement of Xanax another pill I will remember the name later
I got chronic illness n am dealing with family abuse n I don't have a home or a salary cuz my family cut me out n throw me out the street.. N i Ran for my dear life I wasted one year of my life with there abuse laughing at me cuz i got nothin they throw my baby pic
Please am willing to try anything to stop it

I had a severe depression since I was a teen by mom
N now I have crohns disease n they r really happy to see me down n kick me more

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Okay first off: Fuk them if they enjoy hurting you. That's sickening. Surround yourself with good people... who want to see you happy.
Secondly: there's another section where more people are likely to reply than here. Repost there.

I don't think xanax is the only way out, but you've come to the right place.

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😟ok I will thank u for being honest

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I need to find a way to cope with this tension headache that feels like rubber band n if it goes off i will lose my mind
Am tired of this feeling I will try wt ever it takes hypnosis if required although am not a big fan but i will help myself till there s no way left
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