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Hi everyone,

I stumbled upon this website and found out that its ideas and revelations make a lot of sense to me. I have had panic attacks, anxiety, depression since 2003. Ten years already. It all started, as far as i remember, when I took ecstasy pills with friends. I took it 6 times until I had a bad trip. A very bad trip!
Ever since, I started having panic attacks.
I tried to apply the principles mentioned on, they helped a bit but I still feel those damn attacks occasionally. Sometimes I am in the middle of an attack and I say to myself "i 'm gonna let it be as bad as it wants to be" but still I can't get rid of it.
I'm trying to quit smoking (Cigarettes) and when I abstain from smoking for a few hours, those damn attacks start to emerge. First they are mild and transient, but after a while they become one panic attack , so to speak, but that lasts longer..
If anyone could give me an explanation of what I can to remedy this I would be very appreciative.
I wish someone could explain it to me in a more spiritually clear manner. In other words, how should I think about and apply what's mentioned on panicend. com? how do I welcome a long-lasting attack? is there a belief that I need to modify? a limiting belief? ...

Thank you,


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Hi Karim! in my opinion (as an ex-sufferer) your main mistake is that you try to get rid of your panic symptoms:
but still I can't get rid of it. 
You actually try to let them be as bad as they wants to be, BUT at the same moment you look over your shoulder hoping that it will be not be so bad or it will pass quickly. With this attitude in your mind you actually create more tension between you and panic symptoms! The second "problem" you must address is that you must understand that your nervous system is very sensitized; this sensitization create flashes of panic symptoms and also places nervous system in a high state alert. Being in such a state, it is very easy to reach the panic because your nerves are very sensitive due to stress. My advice is to try to follow a relaxation technique at least twice/day, quit smoking (because smoking stimulates the nervous system, and this maintain the high sensitized state) and giving your body ample time to recover will allow your body to calm down over time. As your body calms down and recovers from its stress-response hyperstimulated state, it stops sending involuntary sensations and symptoms.
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