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Hi, I got a bit depressed last year and it came out of nowhere. To give you some background, I am a 30 year old girl, have a senior management position in the city, works the 9-5 daily routine. Years have gone by and everything is the same. Work, pressure and more work. The other day I saw an ex uni friend who was pregnant. It seems everyone is moving on with their lives, getting married, having situation is the same as always. Weekends I am drained. This has all resulted in me feeling very down. I talk to my my family but they just don't get it. I am responsible for the mortgage so I don't have a way out. No friends. I used to go to the gym a lot and my spirits were high. Now every week guaranteed I will have a sleepless night, worrying about my life, my future and just being generally sad. I feel a panic over me and this has all resulted in the insomnia. How do I stop this sadness and the anxiety? I have not done this online before but I really feel hopeless. I feel like I am not living life, I am almost robotic and feel so sad. I never used to have sleepless nights and now this is becoming a regular thing. I believe it is caused by my current mental state and I don't know how to reverse it and see a light at the end of the tunnel as I have had a lot of heartache.

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