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The way I used to experience anxiety was that I would have this general sense of unease/anxiousness/nervousness coursing through my body with the occasional tight/lump in throat.

Over time, this general unease/anxiousness/nervousness has suddenly gone. I guess it must have been as a result of acceptance and de-sensitization HOWEVER...

What I am now experiencing is this the tight/lump in throat feeling far more often AND this heavy 'energy'/'pressure' feeling that feels like it is sitting on my upper chest. 

I am absolutely afraid of both of these symptoms as I have not experienced them before and they make me feel as if I am going to suffocate/choke to death. 

I know that sounds far fetched but for I am finding it MUCH harder to put down to 'just anxiety' based on the fact I am not feeling that typical unease/anxiousness/nervousness in my body when these symptoms happen.

I've had these symptoms for about a week now, last night I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I was being choked but somehow I managed to go back to sleep and wake up alive... I was genuinely quite surprised at that so you can imagine my belief set at the moment.

Can anyone please help me? Thanks so much in advance.

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Haven't gone thru what you have, but I would say these physical symptoms are still related to anxiety.  Remnants of what your body has gone thru with anxiety.  I haven't had the heavy pressure in my chest, but I have had a wet/cold sensation in my chest from anxiety.   I haven't had the suffocating feeling but have had the sensation where I feel I can't catch my breath as I am falling asleep.   

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