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I hate it!! M a vet student and i need to do some surgery or inoculation in front of dozen people as well as give disease case powerpoint presentations and on top of that i happen to have a good voice and a hv a passion for music.. Normally its a good thing for other people but you see im an underachiever because of the fact that i have crowd conciousness problem which turns into full blown panic attack whenever i have to do all these things infront of ther people!!! I tremble! Shiver! Shake hopelessly so many times that people sneer at me and make joke on me saying "i bet she doesnt need to make cold coffee her hands would automatically shake to make it!"[frown] .. Any advice?? Cause panic attacks only come in this important situations where i cant afford to mess up furthur to even "let it have its way".. Jeff please... I really need it.. My reputation and my profrssion i guess my whole life is at stake here..

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You are caught in wanting to impress others rather than the most important person = yourself. You do not live your life for the benefit of the judgment by others. If you were to get nervous then SO BE IT! Other people have many internal fears and usually only want to help you with yours. You can talk about your unusual anxious reaction when speaking and even make a joke about it. With such honesty your audience will become attached to you and feel your strength. No secrets. You are what you are. If others judge you negatively then they are not worth impressing! Remember that you exist in this life for YOU not for them. You should not hide behind embarrassment or trying to be perfect in front of others. That is a trap. You have to be yourself and be honest and be relaxed as best you can. All your defects make you real...just like everyone else. And we ALL have defects. Don't worry about being judged. And if you panic, remember that all panic is apprehension. Panic is about what might happen in the future, not in the present. Your fear is only exaggerated. Let it happen and let the fear go. When you think about speaking and fear it, then don't try to analyze this thought. Let it go it because it is only apprehension. It's not real. It may never happen. And you are only reacting to a "what if" test thought.

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