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It's been years since I posted here but my recent frustration has brought me back.  There is one last frontier if you will of panic disorder that is plagueing me and will not let go.  And my mind conceived it rather recently.  It's red lights when driving.  Not all red lights, specific ones that create a feeling of entrapment based on road type, traffic flow, etc.  But that's not always consistent.  And if I'm the lead car it sort of cancels it out.  Easy escape although irrational not going to drive through a red light.  For some reason implementing the method here scares me more than anywhere else.  I just passed up a chance to go out with a friend because one of the red lights that we would have to go through is where I recently had a minor attack.  I know the methods work, I'm just finding it difficult to implement in this situation because in many traffic light situations you can't run.

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The red lights do not cause you to have anxiety or fear. YOU cause you to have anxiety and fear. You are simply applying a "what if" test to see if the red light will cause you to feel anxious. It's your anxious worrisome testing that keeps your nervous system on alert. Anxiety is worry. It's just a more extreme form. You are worried that you will be anxious. This essentially says "I am worried about worrying!" And that is a conflict within you. You are wanting to find a way to stop the worry yet you are still worrying about it.

You must practice letting it happen and letting it go. You cannot control worrying. You can only choose to ignore it over and over again. It's not fun or easy. It takes practice and patience. But acceptance means to take it and give up trying to figure it out. You just write it off as a silly habit that has been maintained by your current sensitization. Then you wait. Over time the sensization lifts. But, again, you cannot have control over this. It's facing and accepting and floating with the feelings and bring patient: the classic Claire Weekes method for defeating nervous suffering.

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Thank you for your response I appreciate the time you take to answer.  You are totally right.  I MUST let it run its course no matter how uncomfortable.  It just seems like my mind is always trying to find a way to sabotage myself.  This red light thing is new and not a panic problem that I had before so it's like WTH?  How creative and destructive our minds can be.  I get so close to the top of that mountain and then one setback and I fall down the whole thing.  But I'm sure many have been here before.  I can't let the discouragement stop me.  It's ok to have setbacks.

I'm not against going back on medicine if need be but when you're this close...
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