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Hey y'all! I'm back. I had gotten to a more comfortable point in my anxiety and so had slacked off coming here. But boy, I need you guys again. My psychiatrist had mentioned to me at one point that I might have the mthfr mutation and it could be exacerbating my issues with anxiety. I had myself checked and began working with a naturopath in the hopes of weaning myself off my antidepressants. Sure enough I had the mutation as well as some others that cause problems with neurotransmitters. I began supplementing with b vitamins and probiotic in preparation for working on my methylation system. This led me to the supplement called sam-e. Oh my gosh. After a week or so on that and then a small increase in dose and it turned south so bad. Panic back. I feel very similar to how i was when I first joined this group. I've been practicing my acceptance like crazy. The naturopath told me today that my neurotransmitters are basically probably out of whack from the sam-e overmethylating me. Possibly dopamine got too high. All this has made me wish I hadn't gotten started on this road. I've been told that basically because of my mutations, I need help with my methylation system to be rid of anxiety. It is so much better to just do as Dr weekes says and step out of the way and let the body heal itself. I'm wishing I was back at my regular old anxiety level.

Has anyone ever taken supplements and dorked up their neurotransmitters? If I keep practicing my acceptance and letting time pass, will they level back to how they were? It's been about five days since my last dose.

One good thing to come of this, i think anyway, is that I have been practicing a lot more and I think I'm getting a better handle on letting the feelings be there and being more aware of my second fear thoughts. And man, my second fear thoughts are excessive! I've been trying to just tell myself that these are second fear lies from being sensitized and then ignore them. But, there's still a part of me that thinks that it's because my system is jacked up and it might be permanent.

Also, I'm fluctuating between feeling ok to feeling dark feelings of something wrong with me. I mean within minutes of each other. I guess I need reassurance that this is common in sensitization.

Thanks you guys! I'm so glad this forum is here. It helped me so much last time and i saved many posts to use during my time away from the site whenever i needed refreshing.
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