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So more research has come out about how gut microbes cause anxiety, and mood disorders.


As someone with an anxiety disorder, this makes me feel discouraged.

In the past I did extremely well with treating my anxiety disorder through therapy, and the teachings of Dr. Claire Weekes. Using acceptance, and realizing it's just my thoughts that are causing anxiety, nothing else.

When I see something like this, I get trapped into the thought of it being something beyond my control. It actually makes my anxiety worse.

Which comes first, the gut problems, or the anxiety/mental health issues?

I eat healthy, I've taken lots probiotics in the past, and nothing has really helped me. Though, this is purely anecdotal, and i'm glad research like this is being done.


Is my gut causing my obsessing? I'm in a cycle right now where I can't stop googling this stuff. 


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Your gut bacteria may influence your mood, even your depression.

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Totally agree with this. I can be doing awesome with not a care in he world. If the stomach starts acting up, it gets me going a bit.

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With me, my mood and stress levels dictate how my stomach feels. I could eat yougurth and sauerkraut for a week, and take anti acids, but my brain would still dictate if i felt terrible in the stomach or not.

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As someone who used to obsess over "natural" solutions, I wouldn't read too much into this because nobody knows for sure if it is true or not.  I look at it this way.  With the way the western diet is and antibiotic use, if gut microbes are causing anxiety then there would be a lot more cases of people with anxiety disorders.
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