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These are my current symptoms.  Could they all be classified as sensitization symptoms?  And does anyone else have them on such a constant basis throughout day?  Not just every now and then?

constant awareness of myself and how I'm feeling.  pressure in head. Constant thoughts about how I'm feeling interspersed with negative thoughts about it and feeling overwhelmed.  Trying to control all my thoughts and actions.  Frequent sort of sad feeling at feeling this way again.

It seems once I'm triggered into an anxiety episode, these symptoms last for so long.  I really know that I need to accept them so that they can pass and not fear them but just let them be there.  They are just so uncomfortable and constant.  I find myself accepting them on a continual basis.  I will say this though, if I do engage with the negative thoughts, it makes me feel much worse.  But, by not engaging in them, am I avoiding?  They keep coming, but I tell myself they are second fear and lies.  They don't count.  Is this right?

Oh man, I'm trying to remember how I did this before.  Just need to let time pass and let myself have all these feelings and thoughts, huh?  Guess I'm just needing reassurance and not to feel alone.  Setback city here!  Thanks yall!

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Hiya. I am currently in recovery myself (although I have improved a vast amount) so I don't want to say that I am a know-it-all.

However, it does sound like you are getting a bit flustered about 'what to do' and clearly you are bewildered about your symptoms too.

Ultimately, it seems that you are feeding these feelings so much respect - out of fear of them. Dr Weekes says giving an understanding is key, because once you get that and realize there is no doubt/worry about the feelings only then can you really accept - which is really just not worrying/doing anything about the feelings. 

I just posted this in another thread, it is an excerpt of Dr Weekes own struggle with anxiety:

 My laboratory was on the top floor of University College and a friend of mine, who'd been in the Army during the First World War, flew up the stairs to greet me. I met him with “Oh, John, I can't take this any longer. I’ve had it!” He said, “What's wrong?” I told him what I was going through. “Oh'” he said, and he just shrugged. That’s nothing; those are only the symptoms of nerves. We all had those in the trenches.” And he explained to me that what I had been so worried about were only the symptoms of fear, my own fear. “That makes sense!” I said. “All time I've been doing this to myself?” He said, “Yes” and laughed. Within a month I was cured and climbing mountains in Switzerland. So you see, I know how important symptoms can be. I had everything to live for and I knew it, I'd achieved so much, the whole of life lay before me, but I was incapacitated by the symptoms of fear and had never been told that that was all they were. I had been to doctors, specialists, and yet nobody had mentioned the symptom of fear. And the symptoms of fear had been so fearful! 
 While I was in London, at night I'd just be going off the sleep when suddenly I'd wake with a start and a racing heart, which quickly became palpitations. Then I would sit up for hours for fear that I'd die if I lay down. But after my friend told me the cause, I'd just lie and think, as calmly as I could, “OK, I’ll go to sleep palpitating if necessary!” I did, and soon the whole thing cleared up. 

Looks like she got an understanding from her friend that this was just nerves (being made worse by her constant onslaught of worry) and was therefore able to not question it and just go to sleep 'palpating as necessary'. The knowledge alone did not magically get rid of her symptoms -- they were still there but they no longer became important to her. No more second fear, no more fighting. Just pure allowing, I guess [smile]

I hope that helps and I wish you a peaceful rest of your day in the comfort that the symptoms don't matter - have that Dr Weekes attitude - sleep 'palpitating if necessary'! 

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recovery can be a slow going process but as long as you fell better overall than you did a few months or weeks ago just accept it as normal. I'm pretty much out of the woods but I still have random dizzy attacks and weakness in my limbs. I know its lingering sensitization because it always goes away(sometimes takes hours). so I just play video games, or lift weights to speed up the process of feeling normal. To me that's not avoiding or distracting. I like video games and muscles make you look good so hey. lol
Stop trying to beat it and you'll beat it.

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Thanks yall! That's so cool to read about Dr weekes. I also try to remember that I can get more improvement in set back. I wish I could lose my fear like she did. I had a better day today in being able to not struggle so that was good. I did get some symptoms tonight but it's a chance to practice patience. My main negative thought is that it's still here and the dark feelings that accompany that thought. Still too much in my head and apparently still fearing the symptoms. I have a vacation coming up next week with my husband and we are revisiting the place of our honeymoon 26 years ago and I'm really worried about feeling this way on the trip and not only ruining it for myself, but for him as well.

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Progress is not measured by how you feel, progress is measured by how you are reacting to your anxiety. Success is not not experiencing anxiety. Success is not being manipulated by your anxiety and giving it no relevance to you or your life.
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