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Hey guys, 


Anxiety has been bad still lately. I'm definitely in a highly sensitized state and I'm getting scared by it.


Been having sleep issues lately, some days are harder than others, but I can fall alseep just fine, but I keep waking up too early. I'll go to bed at midnight and wake up from 3 - 5, then have a hard time getting to sleep and have light sleep the rest of the time till 7 - 8 am, then I just get up. I have a feeling of doom the rest of the day. 


I've been doing some research into it (bad I know) and apparently this is a sign of depression? This scares me a ton, and I'm obsessed now that I'm depressed, and I'll be forced to be in a mental institute or something, or hurt myself.


The thing is I don't hate myself, I don't hate my life when I'm feeling well. I don't want to kill myself at all. Just wish I could feel normal again. 


Anyone get these sleep issues? Thanks. 


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This happened to me when I was sensitized.  It's not depression.

Your cortisol levels have increased.  Normally cortisol begins to rise in the early morning hours but not high enough to wake us up.  Your levels are higher than normal and that's why it's bringing you out of your sleep cycles too early in the morning. 

If you can begin relaxing more, gradually the cortisol will lower and normal sleep will return. 

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It's also because you're worried about your sleep that causes you to not sleep well. It's a tough cycle to be in, but you can break it! You have to be okay with not sleeping well and adopt an attitude of not caring. Even if you only sleep two hours a night, you have to be okay with it and sure you'll be tired throughout the day, but you'll still manage fine.

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Hey guys. I'm having sleep issues AGAIN. lol. 


They went away after about a month of them for so long, and now they're back with a vengeance. No trouble getting to sleep, just trouble STAYING asleep. It's making me feel so depressed. It went away before once I started getting confidence in sleeping, but I can't seem to convince myself it'll go away this time. 


Why am I like this? 


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That’s my problem as well. Usually not too bad falling asleep, hard to stay asleep longer than a few hours and I generally don’t get very restful sleep unless I’m extremely overtired. The thing with sleep is that it tends to correct itself over time and work itself out. Have you tried things like getting a routine exercise program in place (I don’t mean anything extreme-maybe just regular walks)?

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hard exercise, cut out all caffeine, cut out alcohol, cut out laptops, tablets and phones before sleep, set yourself a time to go to bed and stick to it, give yourself half an hour in bed before you actually go to sleep, don't go to bed and just turn your light off and go to sleep, give yourself some time and try to relax, give yourself the time that you need and make it as routine as eating dinner, this will put you back on track and it won't take long at all, been there many times!

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Cortisol as someone mentioned has a big impact on sleep. One can't expect to sleep properly when the whole system is riddled in toxins (thats what it is). Also stomach affects sleep- wich ofcourse is a result of imbalance in the nervous system.
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