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Not been here for a while and the anxiety has been non existent.

Since the weather picked up here in the UK, I've been getting a bit of anxiety. I know it's anxiety as I feel like in a sort of daze with brain fog. I've also been getting a few sensations when out and about, jelly legs almost.

Could it be linked to the warm weather? I just don't understand where it's come from that's all. I continue as normal but it's really annoying.

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I've been experiencing the same as well with the warm weather. I'm feeling anxiety, and the warm weather triggers my derealisation symptoms too and makes me feel dissociated and like a zombie.

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Who cares where it came from? You can't consciously stop it control it so what's the answer here? To accept it's presence and take it with you wherever you go without trying to stop it or shy away from it. This is an excellent opportunity for you to practice acceptance.
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