I’ve been feeling very stressed and feeling off balance for a few weeks but this morning I had a scary experience.

After I got out of bed this morning I lay on my sofa and watched some television. I was feeling very low and I started feeling light headed/dizzy as if I was on an elevator and very tense. My jaws started feeling tight and my arms, shoulder, neck and legs felt very tense.

I suddenly had this awful anxiety and fear creep up on me. I also started feeling very nauseous. This feeling made me very restless and I wanted to run away but I let it come on.

One thing that struck me odd was the fact that I was breathing normal and my heart rate wasn’t fast like it should be when having an anxiety attack. The only time my heart rate was fast was when a I went to the bathroom dry heaving (gagging). Is it normal to have an anxiety attack and yet breath normal and have a normal heart rate at the same time?
Why is it an anxiety attack instead of a temporary blockage in your Eustachian tube from a cold, virus or allergy, nausea from what you ate or didn't eat, or the odd way you were sitting that pinched a neck nerve or your eyes were slightly imbalanced by the TV watching at a close range? The anxiety arose FROM that much like you got worried. Anxiety is 100% worry including physical sensations tossed in when you deem your worry to be a threat.
Thanks for the reply.

I thought that the way I was feeling was due to the build up of emotional stress I was experiencing through out the months because I have been experiencing a lot of stress as well as anger in the last year.

I suffered my first bad panic attack 4 years ago and experienced the awful physical symptoms for months after it and developed new phobias. I only got better in the last 2 years by reading books by Dr Claire Weekes and reading this forum.

Why does it matter that you feel now anxious with this little twist?.

You are afraid of your thoughts,the creativity of your thoughts at making you believe that something is indeed wrong. Why does it matter if you are anxious while feeling tired or drowsy. 

You need to improve a lot on your acceptance. You are at the mercy of very clearly anxious thoughts. So I recommend you to reflect on what acceptance truly means. Because you are showing habits of toxic thinking. that leads to panic/anxiety.
You Can Do This~