I've kind of had this for years but back in June I passed out at the counter of a sub shop for no apparent reason.  The workers called EMS while I was out so I honored their concern and waited for them to arrive.  I checked out fine except of high blood pressure (BP) which I told them I always get when someone else is taking it (white coat syndrome).  Nevertheless, I went to a cardiologist and had all kinds of tests run.  Some results were bad but the catheterization showed what I think is normal blockage in my arteries for someone my age (65).  I was told to take my BP twice a week but I waited for a couple of months because the anxiety of it all kept giving me high readings even at home.  Now it's November and I'm still dwelling on this so I can't tell what my real BP is since I'm always dealing with some anxiety.  I've read that taking frequent readings might get me over the hump but I hate to dwell on this even more.  Thanks, Brad