Hi everyone,
I’m Jack, 25 years old, long time lurker here. I’ve suffered with panic/anxiety for 7 years on and off. This site has been a real blessing for me and I have been making good progress after being introduced to the acceptance method with help from, Jeff, Claire Weekes and Chris.

I’ve recently had a big life move, left the British Army after 4 years and moved to London to begin a career in finance. All was going well until a few weeks ago when I was awoken from my sleep to possibly the worst Panic attack(I’m hoping it was) I’ve ever had. I felt like I was leaving my body, arms and face were tingling and I was shouting at my poor girlfriend to ring an ambulance. Got the all clear from hospital, yet these attacks are starting to increase in occurrence and it’s really shaken me up. It feels like there is something seriously wrong with my brain, almost like I am leaving my body. I thought I had already experienced all the sensations that anxiety muster. My question is how can I accept these attacks when I am fast asleep seconds prior? And can panic attacks cause you to feel distant and hazy for days afterwards?

I appreciate your time, and thanks in advance.


Hi Jack
Sorry I didn’t see your message as usually what gets posted in this category are non help related issues.

I’d like to ask first what was your stress level/ worries before your night panic attack? Many times a night panic can be a release of pent of unresolved emotions that you suppress during your conscious awake hours. 

But at the same time I myself have experienced a panic attack in the middle of the night just because of bad food or irritated stomach. 

What you are probably experiencing now, after the panic attack, is dread of having a panic attack which is why we get panic attacks - it’s your nervous system trying to save you from a perceived threat, i.e., the panic attack! It’s a worry loop. They only way to break out of the loop is to allow the panic, dare it to do its worse, refuse to control it, and as I learned last week in a yoga class, practice “trusted surrender” to the panic. The whole point is to quit the apprehension that manifests itself as panic. Without apprehension there is no panic. However I’m talking 100% no apprehension. 99% still leaves 1% apprehension and panic will feed of that. You have to get angry and say “this is it, no going back, let’s do it!”

Hi Jeff

Thank you for your reply, much appreciated!
I suppose I have had quite a stressful year with my transition from military life to living in Central London. However 99% of my stress comes from my trying to find out what’s making me feel so bad. Today for example, my head has felt so foggy that it has been near impossible for me to concentrate on my work, constantly feeling light headed and not with it. This then makes me question whether this really is anxiety or not, as I’m not even thinking about it, but I still feel awful?
It's gotten to the point where i'm getting rather down over imagining living the rest of my life like this.

I think it could definitely be a release of pent up emotion like you say. Do you have any suggestions for ways to release this naturally?
I am 100% ready to commit to trusted surrender, I'm almost at the point of not caring either way anyway😅

Thanks again for your insight and wisdom Jeff!