Hi all,

Psychologist said I have general anxiety and I'm currently a little stuck. I doubt a lot at the moment about the right methods and about my choices.

I do metacognitive therapy at the psychologist but I doubt if it works. Sometimes I feel like the acceptance method is better and sometimes I think I have to follow the metacognitive therapy approach. I don't even know what's the best... for example: the psychologist says I have to have 'worry time' every day and just try to worry only on that moment. That doesn't feel like accepting for me, because I'm kind of suppressing my feeling/thoughts then. 

When i'm trying the acceptance method I also have doubts if I'm doing the right thing. I'm trying to be the observer of my thoughts but it feels like a way of control them. And that's not accepting, right? Also: is observing your thoughts not a thought as well?

I also doubt about exercise. I started jogging everyday and after a jogging session I feel better with anxiety. I know I start with jogging to get rid of my anxiety symptoms, that's not the right mindset right? I can say to myself: i'm jogging to get healthy, but I know it is to get rid of my symptoms and to stop the anxiety. 

Who can help me a bit on the right path?

I believe that general anxiety and need to have control go hand in hand. Therefore it is harder for you to let go, always fighting to take over with perceived set and pre- ordered methods of mind therapy. Acceptance is “not control”. You seem to be constantly testing and checking your “acceptance” which means “I have to control this anxiety” when this attempting to control IS the anxiety. No one can control anxiety. It is you. But you can train yourself to accept yourself and therefore lower your anxiety threshold. Rather than focus on which method is more perfect or correct, practice not caring (not controlling). And please have more patience.