Hi everyone,

I've already told my story in a different topic, but I'd like to tell it briefly.

It started with pain in my body after a fitness injury, after which I got pain in the chest region. I was worried about this, but I went on with my life nonetheless. However, I had 4 panic attacks over the past 3 years. This doesn't bother me that much anymore, I don't know exactly how it's possible that I don't have these anymore.

Since September I started at the university with a heavy study that causes a lot of stress, especially in exams. Since September my anxiety symptoms have increased enormously. Since then I have been active on this forum and I regularly try to find out how I can control my anxiety complaints or make them disappear. The psychologist has now established GAD, and I do metacognitive therapy with her. However, she was not familiar with Claire Weekes.

I am not worried about my chest pain at the moment, for some reason I don't feel that there is something wrong with my heart. My biggest fear, however, is giving up and committing suicide. I know rationally that this state of fear can somehow be 'overcome', but still this fear remains very much in my head. Jeff and other forum members have already helped me with this, but I still can't get rid of this fear. If suicide didn't exist in the world and that it just wasn't possible it would be a very reassuring thought for me, with which (in my opinion) my fears would be immediately over. However, the fact that this is not the case makes me insecure and gloomy. However, I still do my daily things, despite the fact that I have little pleasure in doing things and looking forward to things. I am also often pessimistic, which is not really conducive.

GlennZennDenn has already advised me to start jogging daily. This has been his 'cure' for fear, and I've started (since Friday) with it. However, I don't know if it works for me, because I don't really suffer from agoraphobia.

All in all I just have trouble applying the acceptance method because I don't know if I'm doing it right or not. Sometimes it just seems like I'm in danger of losing control, which is terrifying. However, I continue with my normal life and I don't take any medication.

I am looking forward to your advice in my situation.

Hi rinkert 
I can understand how desperate it feels when you are in the thick of it but try being a little courageous during difficult times as this attitude will take you a long way. Now your fear of the physical symptoms have gone suddenly why? Just coz your focus shifted onto this new fear so logically speaking tomorrow your focus may shift to something else as thoughts are never constant then you will be fearing that new one and this goes on .so this says something that's what's constantly changing are the thoughts and what's repeating repeatedly is the fear episodes.so for now just accept your current state of mind this too shall pass and remember thoughts and emotions are absolutely harmless.everyone has them from time to time it's just that we dwell on them way too much .I bet in the past you would have been depressed or fearful in some circumstances but real one and at that time you would have just gone through it and never even gave a second thought .think about it.i hope this helps.