Hi guys 

so today I was laying in my couch on specifically in my left side and I was there for a good period watching tv when I suddenly began to feel a discomfort which I right away assume was a heart attack because I began I feel it more when i stood up as if my chest was getting tighter I began to panic and just think something is wrong this was 2 hours ago and the paying had fled ever since it happen. Could it be that perhaps the way I was lying down cause this my chest to hurt or maybe could have been a heart issue ? Pls help me someone. Jeff have you experience this or anyone ? 
Keep in mind where your stomach is. Its on your left side. When laying down stomach acid moves around settles differently then when standing (gravity). This can cause pain if you have even mild irritation of the mucosal lining in your stomach. If you fear those sensations, your stomach dumps more acid and bile, you start breathing faster, air is swallowed, your stomach becomes bloated which puts pressure on near your heart. All of this is textbook anxiety sensations and response. 

If you had a heart attack you wouldnt be able to post on an online forum or wonder about what it is 
- Karl