Hi everyone I’m new to this forum and been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks for 2 years now and have been in circles. My main concern is my heart and the way it randomly starts to race when I’m just quietly watching tv I right away think there’s something going on and going to die from a heart attack even though my heart was checked out two years ago and was told it was normal overall. Today I did a weight workout and my body felt shaky and I thought I was about to have a panic attack. It normally happens every time I workout where my body feels like it’s ready to collapse. I thought working out was suppose to make you feel good and all but how do I deal with this?? 

Has anyone else have issues with heart concerns and working out ?? Pls help 


Yes- this is very common.  As long as you’ve been cleared by your doctor which your said you have,  if you keep working out and keep reminding yourself that you’re safe and not in any danger, you’ll eventually believe it,  and the fear associated with working out will go away.
Just curious about what kind(s) of weight workouts are you doing?  I lift weights and I know that, depending on the kind of reps I'm doing, my heart rate can get up there just like a cadio workout.  Sometimes I do snatches with 35 lb kettlebells and those really get my heart racing.  Other times I do slow reps with dumbbells.  If you're doing anything explosive close to your max weight, then you'll feel shaky.  I get light headed.